Tony Robbins said that if you don’t jump through the window when it presents itself, you’ll have to start over, and wait for the window to open again. I absolutely love Tony Robbins. He’s been dismissed by much of society as something along the lines of Stuart Smalley. Mention Tony Robbins the next time you’re out with a group of people and survey the reactions. At least half the people that have heard of him will think he’s a cheeseball life coach positivity scammer. What a fucking advantage you have if you don’t believe that.

Tony Robbins gives off that scary vibe because he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s counseled multiple Presidents of the United States. He doesn’t care if the average reaction to him is at the intersection of skepticism and sarcasm. He’s rich. He’s successful. He’s made many people rich and successful. Rich and successful — to so many of us that reads like 100% money back guaranteed. We just can’t believe it. We can’t filter between the two. There’s too much out there that draws our attention so we put up track switches in our brains that quickly route bullshit one way and useful shit the other way. The information travels so fast that sometimes bullshit is routed useful and vice versa.

I remember so many times being in conversations with people that believed in something that my default reaction to was, “that’s some bullshit.” For years, I treated vegans and vegetarians this way — like they were some sort of sensitive weirdos to be extricated from without offending. I probably felt this way about vegans and vegetarians sometime in the last 10 years, and now I feel like, “holy shit, they are right.”

Maybe I’m getting off topic or getting there too fast for you. It’s ok. You can be offended by my new inclination towards a plant-based diet. It’s an inclination that developed slowly due to information, but I’m not here to persuade you to stop eating animals. I’m here to make you see that the ability to change your mind is a superpower.

Seth Godin talked about his book, What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind?, on The Moment with Brian Koppelman (a great podcast by the guy that wrote Rounders). Seth said that people rarely change their minds. Not sure if he made this explicit, but I’d add the older a person is, the harder it is for them to change their mind. We get entrenched. Maybe I should call this Detrenched.

Imagine if Donald Trump could change his mind. It might save the world. It does beg the question, does Donald Trump have anything in his mind at all except gobbling up power, but imagine he was open to changing his mind to what advisors or chance encounters told him. If that was the case, President Obama could have instilled some amazing things in Trump when they met shortly before Trump took office. That kind of shit can literally save the world. Trump could’ve been persuaded to the importance and reality of climate change. Fuck.

So, that’s what this first post about? It’s about putting aside long-held beliefs. Putting aside identities. Putting aside blind affiliations. It’s about putting ego aside and saying I want !@#$%^ truth. I want what’s right because I’m going to die someday and sticking to a falsehood that grants me some short-term gain is not what my life is about.

I’m going to commit to doing this every day. Coming here and writing truth as it exists in my mind every day. If for no one else, I’m doing it for myself. This is a rare opportunity for any aspiring trolls out there to come down and crap on someone’s work in its infantile stage. To put your trollness to work in a place where it could actually have an impact. Call me out if I don’t show up tomorrow and any of the next days. Tell me why this blows and why I’m wasting my time. I welcome it. Let’s chat.

And perhaps for those few that happen upon this and feel something more than indifference, perhaps we can be friends in the fight for creativity and progress for ourselves and those around us. I know that some significant percentage of what I write here will be of a quality that fails to acquire recognition, but I am ok with that. Maybe some small fraction will have an impact on someone — that will make it all worth the while. Thank you for spending some of your precious time reading this.


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